UAE gives special attention to human resource development: Sheikha Jawaher

SHARJAH: Her Highness Sheikha Jawaher Bint Mohammad Al Qasimi, Wife of His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah, Chairperson of the Big Heart Foundation, Chairperson of the NAMA Women Advancement Establishment, has said that the UAE gives special attention to human resource development, and believes that development can not be achieved without investing in this field.

“In the UAE, we soon realised that the relationship between development and stability is conditional. There is no stability without development, and no development without stability.

“To achieve the desired development and ensure its sustainability, human resources must work to optimise assets and introduce new values and concepts,” she said.

In an exclusive interview with the Emirates News Agency (WAM), Sheikha Jawaher said that the emirate of Sharjah will be hosting the ‘Investing in the Future’ conference under the theme ‘Building the Resilience of Women and Girls in the Arab Region’, on 19th and 20th, October. It is the chance to put forward not just visions, but hopefully solutions to critical issues.

“Investing in the future is to invest in human beings, their competence, values, culture and involvement in their social surroundings. It is investing in the shared values to alleviate humanity’s suffering, enabling and inspiring their creativity in science, arts, knowledge and economic and social work,” she added.

The last 10 years have seen sweeping changes in the economy as well as in international and regional stability. These changes marked a new phase in human history that has prompted us to think deeply about how to overcome their repercussions.

“We must understand the mechanisms and tools that should be used to shape a better future in order to meet the ambitions and aspirations of everyone, wherever they may be,” she said.

”Such rapid upheavals have led to a collective global thinking about how we can invest in the future through learning from our past.

“We must examine the causes and effects that created the financial crash, regional conflicts and worldwide crises and now fuel a common fear for future generations, especially girls and women.”

Sheikha Jawaher added that the empowerment of a society, including young people, women and children, is the key to shaping a better future for all. This can only be achieved by promoting the civic responsibilities, with gender balance and equal rights under an updated legal and legislative system for a future shaped by both men and women.

“This is vital to a future where partnership is favoured over partition, accord over acrimony and collaboration over conflict. And the efficiency of these resources is a reflection of world class education, the community’s progressive culture and society’s outlook towards women.”

She pointed out that the future we crave involves a concerted and consistent effort to develop all human capacities and unleash the creativity that encourages us all to play our roles in establishing the values of sustainable development.

“Here we mean all, foremost of which are children and women. Investing in the future also means cooperation with regional and international partners to end conflicts and social disintegration. This has dominated the region for years and we must try to eliminate negative consequences on women and children who make up one of the most important engines for the development and direction of the future.”