The 4th Sharjah International Biennial for Children’s Arts

The 4th Sharjah International Biennial for Children’s Arts is an ambitious platform that inspires the creative and cultural development of children in our ever-evolving societies. This global event puts Sharjah high on the world map of children’s affairs, as a leader in child protection, childcare and youth empowerment. The UAE gives children the freedom to express their talents to their fullest potential, while respecting our cultural values. In the 4th edition of this initiative, we are opening up children’s eyes and minds to everything happening around them, so they can enrich their talents. I hope to interact with many of the wonderful young artists who are creating stunning masterpieces. As children express their dreams and turn them into reality, they are surrounded by different opinions and ideas in their community or nation. Some of them have experienced traumatic childhoods, and art is their only outlet to release the pain and create a happier parallel life in their imaginations. Young artists can use their creativity as a canvas to portray major humanitarian challenges, if they grow up with a sense of responsibility to their communities and their nations. We are responsible for guiding these young talents, and expanding their horizons with innovative new tools. We hope that The Children’s Centers will continue to provide opportunities to children to pursue art enabling them to inspire real change in the world