Jawaher Al Qasimi: Writers are Guardians of Language and Global Ambassadors of their Culture.

Her Highness Sheikha Jawaher bint Mohammed Al Qasimi, wife of His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah and chairperson of the Supreme Council of Family Affairs (SCFA) Founder and honorary president of UAE Women Writers Association, emphasized the writers’ role as custodians of their language and cultural ambassadors to the world. Literature transcends cultural boundaries by chronicling the people’s lives, relating the histories of nations, and introducing local culture to the international audience. These are Sharjah’s concerted efforts to strengthen literary forums that embody profound thought and a creative spirit, with the objective of enhancing their influence on local, regional, and international stages. Pioneers in literature must lead efforts to enrich and strengthen the Arabic language in society while casting light on social issues that reflect the complexities of local social dynamics in their writing.

This occurred during Her Highness’s reception at Al Badee Palace for the UAE Women Writers Association in the presence of Her Excellency Salha Ghabish, Director of the Cultural and Media Office. It was following the conclusion of the eighth Emirati Women Writers Forum, which was arranged by the Cultural and Media Office of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs and attended by over twenty writers and poets from across the UAE.

During the reception, Her Highness remarked: “I am delighted to see this wonderful group of creative female writers united in a bond whose seed we planted more than three decades ago and whose harvest we reap with each successful forum. Our authors are cultural icons in our society, and their works are a part of our cultural heritage. This would not have been possible without the generous support of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, who made the emirate of Sharjah a home for intellectuals until literature and creativity became an integral part of Sharjah’s genuine identity. Notable for its distinctive buildings that encompass calligraphy, performing arts, and the academies of Arabic language and the Holy Quran. Sharjah’s dedication to preserving these monuments for future generations has astounded its visitors, and this is precisely what we hope to promote through cultural forums and gatherings in all emirates.”

Her Highness also emphasized, “I praise our Emirati women writers and the message they convey to society through their poetic creativity, which helps us preserve our authentic Arabic language and be proud of our Arab and Islamic identity.” This is a duty that each and every author must shoulder. To fulfill this responsibility, one must develop persistently, obtain knowledge to fuel creativity, and promote the Arabic language and our heritage to our youth on all platforms with fervor. Sharjah continues to support male and female authors in their efforts to advance culture in our country, the Gulf region, and the Arab world. Our vision includes establishing poetry residences in various Muslim African nations, preserving the legacy of the Arabic language, and cultivating exceptional linguistic talent. Through these efforts, we’ve demonstrated our ability to build, develop, and connect with the world while preserving our cherished Arab and Islamic identity—an enduring approach we are dedicated to advancing.”

The UAE Women Writers Association … Forums where visions and ideas converge.

The UAE Women Writers Association was founded in 1990 at the Montazah Club by accomplished Emirati female writers led by Shaikha Al-Nakhi, Salha Ghabish, Asma Al-Zarouni, the Dubai lady, and Kalitham Abdullah. Their mission was to provide a space for female poets, short-story writers, and novelists in a society that respects the right to privacy.  The Association actively encouraged female authors to interact with their peers and critics in an effort to emphasize their creative journeys and strengthen the cultural identity of the Emirati Arab Muslim community. Numerous literary and cultural events were organized at the local and regional levels by nurturing collaborations with cultural institutions.

The UAE Women Writers Association has become a dynamic institution due to Her Highness’s visionary outlook and profound belief in the transformative power of literature as a vehicle for culture and civilization. It has emerged as a beacon of support, especially during a time when women were forging their own literary paths. This support went beyond providing a platform; it enabled creative women to discover their voice in local and Arab literary circles. It effectively attracted and united Emirati women poets and writers, laying the groundwork for emerging women writers to flourish outside the confines of traditional literary environments.

Forums like the Emerging Creative Women Forum are examples of how the Association fosters a nurturing environment for these talents. This platform encourages aspiring creative women to persevere in their literary endeavors by exposing them to new writing experiences, tools, and expansive creative realms. In addition to these forums, the Association hosts artistic workshops in a variety of literary genres, such as poetry, short stories, novels, and theatrical and dramatic writing. These workshops equip young women with storytelling techniques, hone their talents, and enable them to elevate their literary works through a fusion of scientific and artistic knowledge.