Jawaher Al Qasimi inaugurates the Olympic Center for Women’s Sports

Her Highness Sheikha Jawaher bint Mohammed Al Qasimi, Wife of The Ruler of Sharjah, and Chairperson of Sharjah Women’s Sports (SWS), inaugurated the Sharjah Olympic Sports Center for Women on Tuesday afternoon, marking a significant milestone in the development of women’s sports in the UAE. The center, affiliated with the Sharjah Women’s Sports Club, is located in Al Falah area of Sharjah, and is the first of its kind in the country, built in record time to the highest international standards. It is intended to be a significant enhancement to support the transition of women from the amateur to the professional sports stage, contributing to the advancement of women’s sports careers in the UAE.

Following the official opening, Her Highness inspected the center’s facilities, emphasizing its commitment to providing top-notch services for the women’s sports system. The center boasts gyms, open and closed stadiums, and specialized buildings for sports such as taekwondo, judo, karate, archery, table tennis, fencing, and more. Notably, it includes an Olympic athletics track, a shooting range, and an administrative building with modern amenities, including a medical clinic and a hall for developing sports performance.

Accompanying Her Highness on the tour were Her Excellency Hanan Al Mahmoud, Vice Chairperson of Sharjah Women’s Sports, and Dr. AbdulAziz Al Noman, Sports Advisor to Sharjah Women’s Sport. During the visit, Her Highness met with athletes from the Sharjah Women’s Sports Club, praising their dedication and performance in the seventh edition of the Arab Women’s Sports Tournament, hosted in Sharjah from February 2 to 12, 2024.

In her speech during the opening, Her Highness said: “His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, is keen to provide generous support to develop the women’s sports scene and enhance the athletes’ role in this vital sector, so building this center and equipping its facilities with the latest devices and technologies was one of the initiatives that translate His Highness’s vision of building a safe and stimulating environment for female players to hone their skills and develop their performance, and provides the necessary training and professional sports expertise to focus on their goals and achieve their ambitions without compromising their societal and family role.”

During her conversation with the athletes, Her Highness said: “We were keen to follow our players during the Arab Women Sports Tournament, and we witnessed distinguished participation in various individual and team sports, and I praise your honorable level of performance and commitment to sports ethics. It teaches the soul to follow regulations and rules, respect opponents, and commit to fair play, and that is what makes sport fun for the player and the observer alike. Therefore, we recommend that you look back at your time in the tournament to help you develop new plans, loftier goals, and greater ambitions, and let this be an incentive for you to put in effort, intensify training, and commit in your upcoming participations inside and outside the country.”

Hanan Al Mahmoud, in her remarks, considered the center’s opening as the commencement of marking a promising phase for female athletes in Sharjah, the Emirate that is setting an example in commitment to supporting women’s sports careers and contributing to their success on national and international stages, including the Olympics. She expressed that “the strategic location of the center in Al Falah is of particular importance due to its proximity to new residential areas, which reduces the logistical burden on the players, allowing them to commit to longer training periods, aiming to bring them to the level that qualifies them to represent the club and the country in local, regional and international tournaments.”

Al Mahmoud added that the center will witness the organization of many sporting events for female players from the club and outside it and will serve the national teams in general. It will also witness the hosting of camps and preparations for sports teams from inside and outside the country.

Her Excellency confirmed: “The center is designated for training, team preparations only, and not for holding official tournaments and matches.” She indicated that the center’s management is in the process of signing a number of agreements and memorandums of understanding with many sports bodies and educational institutions inside and outside the country to establish closed camps, especially so female students can benefit from them during and after the school day, in addition to investing in the center’s stadiums and facilities to organize sporting events, which will facilitate the task of our experts in attracting the best athletes to include them in the club teams.