German centre honours Shaikha Jawaher

german center
Golden Erbse Award bestowed by the German Centre For Fairy Tale Culture for her humanitarian efforts

Sharjah:Shaikha Jawaher Bint Mohammad Al Qasimi, Wife of the Ruler of Sharjah, UNHCR Eminent Advocate for Refugee Children, and Chairperson of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs, received the Golden Erbse Award from the German Centre For Fairy Tale Culture for her humanitarian efforts.

The award recognises Shaikha Jawaher’s global advocacy work on behalf of women, refugee children, cancer patients, the needy and the vulnerable.

It is the first time the German centre has bestowed the award upon an Arab since its inception in 2005.

“Our world is in urgent need for us to be humane and work collaboratively to serve humanity and ensure the future of mankind. Every father and mother needs to be the fairy tale hero in their child’s eyes, and their role model, doing good, promoting love, peace and brotherhood throughout the world,” Shaikha Jawaher said in a statement.

“What hurts me most is to see children and women being the victims of conflict, wars and crisis that are happening in numerous parts of the world. They are the victims of violence, displacement and violation of their basic human rights. What motivates me is to advocate on their behalf and support them. I fear for the future of children today, our children are the future of the entire world. We all must stand by the side of those children and women and make them the heroes of their own stories, because we want them to tell their children and grandchildren that there is always hope as long as there are human beings.”
Shaikha Jawaher praised the major humanitarian role played by the German government in receiving refugees and providing them with the necessary protection and care, particularly Syrian refugees and expressed her hope that conflicts and wars would come to an end in the region, so people can enjoy peace and all refuges could return home and rebuild their nations.

Silke Fischer, Director of the Golden Erbse Award, said Shaikha Jawaher was “a symbol for strong, educated women who, just like the princess from the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, can feel through the thick mattresses of prosperity, the small but essential things and who actively helps. Women perceive more and more responsibility for world affairs by joined strengths and opposition to the armed conflicts through peaceful alternatives … Shaikha Jawaher Al Qasimi is a modern hero and should be honoured for her work with the Golden Erbse Award.”

Since its inception in 2005, the Golden Erbse Prize was awarded to a number of prominent figures, namely, Maria Teresa, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg; and Prof. Monika Grütters, State Minister of Culture and Media, among other global figures.